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Misapplying appropriation, co-optation, commodification & fetishization

The recent social media discussion over the work and legacy of Frida Kahlo, while somewhat interesting and entertaining, is in many respects disappointing. Some criticism argues that, because Kahlo came from a privileged upper class family, was comparatively light-skinned, and was not purely indigenous, that she had minimal right to use the iconography, imagery, and […]

The Unravelling of American Democracy?

On the 246th anniversary of the signing the Declaration of Independence it may be helpful to reflect on an alarming trend. During the presidency of Donald Trump numerous anti-democratic policies, practices, laws, and events in American society occurred. This happened not just at the federal level, but at the state level too. Despite the election […]

The repeal of Roe v Wade highlights the need to change the way we choose Supreme Court justices and their terms of service

The American justice system is imperfect. That’s why it’s constantly being reformed. Factor in the necessity to make decisions partially based on empirical evidence and consulting experts, but more importantly competing ideological and political forces, then you realize why the process is slow. Over time there is change. Not wholesale change, and not always in […]