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Making Progress? Why were seditious conspiracy charges used against the Oath Keepers?

Although criminal law is an important guiding force, most criminal justice practitioners have a considerable amount of discretion how they do their job. For example, police (i.e., patrol officers) make decisions about whether they will stop, question, search, ticket, warn or arrest suspects. Correctional officers decide if they are going to intervene when they see […]

Who’s teaching this college course anyways? And why does it matter?

Over the past few years, COVID-19 has had significantly affected community college, liberal arts college, and university instruction. Many institutions of higher education have pivoted to on-line and hybrid instruction. With the introduction of the vaccine, mask mandates, testing, and hygiene theatre during the past few semesters, there was an assumption that by the Spring […]

The downsides of commodifying Street Culture

In general, if someone or an organization like a business, can make a buck they will. From the agricultural to utility sectors, this approach is the backbone of capitalism. Recently, this phenomenon has been increasingly visible in the field, actions, and products produced in the realm of street culture (i.e., the beliefs, dispositions, ideologies, informal […]

Unanswered questions regarding the January 6, 2021 insurrection

A year has passed since an angry mob of pro Trump supporters, believing that the 2020 election was stolen, stormed the United States Capitol, and broke through a cordon of underprepared and understaffed Capitol Police. For four hours, the mob attacked law enforcement, vandalized the building, its chambers and offices, stole documents, and terrorized members […]