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Enabling graffiti and street art in these crazy times?

Over the past fifty years, graffiti and street art have emerged as significant movements in public art and street culture, visible on all manner of surfaces throughout urban environments worldwide. Predictably, this activity has elicited diverse responses from individuals and groups, ranging from admiration to condemnation. Undoubtedly attention from different stakeholders influences the prevalence of […]

Embracing Familiarity Versus Taking a Chance on Something New

Every day, we make numerous choices—what to wear, what to eat, which route to take. But why do we lean towards the familiar, and what motivates us to try something new? Driven by habit or a preference for spontaneity over deliberate planning, many of us navigate these decisions on autopilot. We often face a fundamental […]

The “Hip-ocrisy” of  Streetwear

Hip Hop, an influential artistic, cultural, political, and social movement rooted in 1970s street culture, is associated with four key pillars: MCing (rapping), DJing, graffiti, and breakdancing. Hip hop has also fostered core values and principles that continue to shape its evolution and impact. These include: * The promotion of Expression and Authenticity * Enabling […]


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Jeffrey Ian Ross, Ph.D. is a Professor in the School of Criminal Justice, College of Public Affairs, and a Research Fellow in the Center for International and Comparative Law, and the Schaefer Center for Public Policy at the University of Baltimore. He has been a Visiting Professor at Ruhr-Universität Bochum, Germany, and University of Padua, Italy.

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