Entries by Jeffrey Ian Ross

Do the signs of our time work?

If you live in an urban, suburban or even exurban environment you will encounter a number of signs. Signs may be so pervasive like the ones that are placed in subway cars or they may be intermittent, such as those placed beside interstate highways. Although signs are part of the visual landscape, most people ignore […]

Does where scholars live affect the subjects they choose to investigate?

What motivates academics to choose certain topics, fields, issues, and questions for intense study? Numerous factors are typically at play here. Although serendipity may be an important motivation, in some cases the place where and circumstances under which a scholar grew up may affect investigators choice of research question to ask, answer or explore. Thus […]

Sins of omission? Why do researchers neglect to review or cite relevant scholarship, but reviewers and editors accept this material for publication?

Most academics, editors, and reviewers constantly make decisions about what types of scholarship to review, what to cite, and what is necessary for researchers to make their case. Failure to review or cite appropriate scholarship or literature should be expected if the publishing venue does not engage in peer review. Why? In general, peer review […]

Forget gun control. It’s time to repeal the 2nd amendment

I can hear and see them now. Chanting and standing with their pitchforks and lanterns. “No way,” they yell. “The 2nd Amendment, just like 1 through 27 are sacred and unchangeable.” Let’s face it. Most gun users are sane. They believe in gun safety, gun control, etc. The scholarship bears this out. But the simple […]