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In Praise of Back Alley Mechanics

In bustling urban environments various businesses exist, each selecting the locations where to operate based on factors like rent, profitability, and access to customers, suppliers, workers etc.. In addition to the more well-known and visible commercial entities (such as retail establishments), numerous service and manufacturing businesses operate in less conspicuous areas—industrial/office parks, suburbs, on the […]

Should Criminologists partner with local Criminal Justice Agencies to conduct research?

One of the many questions Criminologists have, especially those aspiring to become university professors, is should they conduct research in collaboration with local criminal justice organizations? Satisfactorily answering this question is difficult and there is neither a single, nor a simple answer. Why? There are lots of conflicting messages that Criminologists are given and trying […]

Oh Brother, where art the air conditioners?

Summer has ended and the exceedingly hot and inhospitable temperatures that accompanied it this year in many places in the United States and elsewhere is slowly dissipating. While climate scientists and activists debates skeptics about the reality of climate change, one undeniable fact remains: the relentless heat has taken a toll on our environment and […]

Looking for quiet in all the wrong places

Neighborhoods like Le Marais in Paris, the French Quarter in New Orleans, and the East Village in New York City are frequently celebrated for their historical significance, cultural diversity, architectural charm, artistic and bohemian vibes, lively street culture, and tourist attractions. The decision to not simply visit, but to temporarily stay or live in an […]