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Tyre Nichols and the reality of police reform in the United States

Over the past few weeks the public has learned about the death of Tyre Nichols, a 29-year-old unarmed African-American man, at the hands of five black Memphis police officers. The traffic stop, which led not only to the tasering and pepper-spraying of Nichols, but his brutal beating was recorded via police body and pole-mounted cameras. […]

Why are people and organizations unable or unwilling to use experts?

We live in a complicated world. It’s often hard to know what to believe and whose advice to trust. One way we make sense out of the confusion and improve our lot in life is by depending upon experts, and the advice they give. These individuals (and organizations) typically have domain knowledge, experience, and relevant […]

How I procrastinated on major projects in 2022

Another year is almost in the bag and, in general, I’m happy with how things worked out. Yes, I failed to make good on a number of commitments to myself and others, but things are going to be different in 2023. I promise. One thing I’m proud of is that while I dragged my feet […]