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Delaying Justice in the investigation and charges in connection with the murder of Breonna Taylor

One of the American Criminal Justice system’s most cherished legal norms is the assumption that serious crime, like murder, will be thoroughly investigated and, regardless of the victim or alleged suspect/s, judiciously prosecuted and punished. That is to say, in theory. But when police are accused of the law breaking, how do we ensure impartiality […]

Porlandia Redux: How using uninvited federal LEOs to police public protest will backfire

Portlandia, a satirical television series, makes fun of Portland’s often eccentric hipster community. It is fiction. But the deployment of heavily armed federal law enforcement officers (LEOs), coordinated by the Department of Homeland Security, many without organizational identification and dressed in military fatigues, is not. Though allegedly dispatched to protect federal property such as monuments […]