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American elections, political parties, and leaders in critical times

This week American voters will participate in a critical midterm election. If the pollsters and pundits are correct, the Democratic Party is going to lose seats both in the Senate and in Congress. Meanwhile many of the states that were led by Democratic and moderate Republican legislatures and Governors are going to flip to Republicans, […]

How learning to cook Japanese food improved my life

Over the past twelve years, I’ve been increasing my knowledge and skills towards mastering cooking Japanese food. Although my initial efforts in this direction were slow and haphazard, learning about Japanese cuisine and how to cook it ranges somewhere in my life between a strong interest and a passion. And in many respects this preoccupation […]

Most complaints about unpaid academic labor ignore context

No one likes to be exploited and this perhaps why over the past few years lots of social media posts have taken issue with “unpaid labor” that most academics are asked to do. These messages outline the typical kinds of things graduate students, instructors and professors are requested to do (mostly submit papers to journals, […]

All work and no play makes Jack and Jill dull scholars

In addition to teaching and service duties, most professors are required to engage in scholarship. Although this can take various forms, scholarship is usually resource intensive, cerebral, requires lots of concentration, is often done in a solitary setting, and more challenging then most outsiders to academia realize. This work has a number of downsides. Some […]

Crystal balls and midterm elections

In just under a month, on the first Tuesday in November, the United States will have a midterm election. This process enables registered voters to chose members of Congress, Senators, Governors, State Legislators, County Executives and Mayors whose terms are up. Although not as important as the election for president, which is held every four […]