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How I killed time in 2021

Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, and Happy New Year to my friends, family, colleagues, and readers. Like many people, during the last week of December I’m naturally drawn to reflect back on the past year; things that I’ve done (stayed home during the pandemic), places I’ve gone (the grocery store, while wearing a mask), and things […]

Academics shouldn’t be seduced by the rubber chicken banquet circuit

Scholars are exposed to and trained how to do comprehensive literature reviews, collect data in a systematic manner, analyze this information using appropriate methods, make interpretations from this evaluation, and then subject their findings to peer review. This process is typically resource intense and often frustrating. But this is how academics conduct rigorous scientific research. […]

Although lived or practitioner experience may be helpful in understanding a field, it’s not an end in and of itself

A considerable amount of confusion exists surrounding the concepts and utility of lived and practitioner (or field) experience as methods to inform scholarly research. Part of the reason may be because many people fail to consider how knowledge and expertise are acquired, and the relative contributions and limitations of lived and practitioner experience to inform […]

Street Culture is more than streetwear

Surf the world wide web, or skim social media, and you might notice that the label, term and concept “street culture” is primarily associated with clothing – sneakers, baseball caps, or t-shirts – produced by existing, emerging, or brand new streetwear companies (e.g., BAPE, Stüssy, Supreme, etc.). Although a definition of street culture is rarely […]

What’s causing the trend in flash mobs engaging in “smash-and-grab” thefts of luxury goods & how might we respond?

Over the past few weeks there’s been a considerable amount of news media coverage of flash mob “smash-and-grabs,” also known as flash robs, of luxury items from retail stores throughout the United States. True, stores like Best Buy, CVS, and Home Depot have been subject to this kind of victimization, but luxury items like clothing, […]