Entries by Jeffrey Ian Ross

Working the Night Shift

In our postindustrial and highly diverse and urbanized world, many people navigate life during unconventional hours. One of the notable often-overlooked group that occupies this space are referred to as “night owls,” “night people,” and “night workers.” In principle, night owls, are people who “come alive” at night. We see them on the street, running, […]

Navigating “Space Invaders” in Public Life

The movement of individuals and their frequent encroachment on personal space in public settings (particularly those located in urban environments) poses unique challenges.  These encounters consist of numerous types of interactions, norms, and unwritten rules that people follow or engage in or with in a multitude of  places. These exchanges also lead to a complex […]

Would my eighth-grade typing teacher be proud of me now?

Well, that assumes she’s still alive, cares about the quirks of her former students, and, frankly, remembers me at all. Let me take you back a few decades. Grade eight typing class was one of my numerous academic struggles. My thirteen-year-old hands just wouldn’t cooperate with the commands my brain sent them. I can still […]

“Hang up and Police?”

Over the past few years police officers, largely transit, in many metro and subway stations are frequently seen seemingly engrossed in checking their smartphones and not intervening while patrons freely evade paying fares by jumping turnstiles. Although we could examine why users don’t pay their way on to public transportation systems, I think it’s more […]

Consider getting out of your lane

In most Western Advanced Industrialized countries, the prevailing advice for securing a comfortable income and satisfying career is pretty straightforward: not only should you specialize in a well-paying high demand profession, but excel in your job. Although there are multiple paths to achieve this state of affairs, it typically means graduating from a respected school, […]