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What’s wrong with Native American land acknowledgements at university commencement and graduation exercises?

In the northern hemisphere December brings with it cold weather, preparations for and celebration of holidays like Hanukah, Christmas, and Kwanza, and in many colleges and universities commencement exercises. During this event, students who meet the requirements of graduation, who did not complete their degrees in the spring semester, and/or did not formally participate in […]

Are some people not amenable to being mentored?

As harsh as it sounds, and the possibility that it may anger progressive, liberals, and activists, some individuals, regardless of how capable, friendly, needy or smart they appear to be or are, and the context in which they live or work, are not just difficult to mentor, but repeatedly ignore the advice of the people […]

Softening the brutalism of big downtown hotels and areas where they are located

Almost every big North American city has a part of their downtown where tall, frequently imposing, and well-known brand name hotels are located. Sometimes these structures are built beside each other or sprinkled among the equally massive office towers, apartments, and condos. Occasionally they are integrated into a central business district where a variety of […]

Train station bars and social connections

In addition to ticket counters, bag storage rooms, waiting areas, restrooms, newsstand stores, and platforms, almost every big city train station in the United States has one or more bars. With big screen televisions playing live sports games, the murmur of peoples conversation, the occasional sound of glasses clinking, and ranging in size and shabbiness, […]