Entries by Jeffrey Ian Ross

Criminology to challenge the status quo

(This article was originally published on Transforming Society April 15, 2024). Numerous scholarly books and texts designed for classroom use about the field of corrections have been researched, written and published. The overall tenor of these works, however, is conservative, emphasising a management perspective, and outlining the nuts and bolts of how prisons work, the […]

A police union’s endorsement of Trump is not a happy one

Last week during a campaign event, held in Grand Rapids, Michigan, after former President Donald Trump’s xenophobic rant, James Tignanelli, head of the Police Officers Association of Michigan (representing 10,000 members) announced that the organization which he leads, was endorsing the former President’s bid for reelection. Historically this kind of support, should come as no […]

Inner city hospital emergency department waiting rooms as places of power and contestation

Similar to bustling transportation hubs, concert venues, and sporting arenas, the waiting rooms of large inner-city hospital emergency departments in the United States, and many other advanced industrialized countries, can be chaotic and challenging environments to navigate. More specifically, beyond their role as places of healing, these urban public spaces are environments where power dynamics […]

Navigating Authenticity and Curation in a Digital Age

We live in a rapidly changing world, where we are increasingly exposed to both AI-generated content and human manipulated images/documents (i.e., photoshopping, deep fakes, airbrushed photos, etc.), as well as curated social media feeds and carefully crafted personal brands. Meanwhile individuals are constantly navigating this complex landscape in search of genuine experiences, spaces, and relationships. […]