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Portlandia Redux: How using uninvited federal LEOs to police public protest will backfire

Portlandia, a satirical television series, makes fun of Portland’s often eccentric hipster community. It is fiction. But the deployment of heavily armed federal law enforcement officers (LEOs), coordinated by the Department of Homeland Security, many without organizational identification and dressed in military fatigues, is not. Though allegedly dispatched to protect federal property such as monuments […]

Time to remove offensive memorials, monuments, and statues

From buildings, to parks, to museums, cities have erected monuments, statues, and memorials in public spaces. These structures vary in size; they can be as big as a building, or as small as a plaque. They force people to interchangeably honor, celebrate, commemorate, and/or remember incidents and people who were at one point in time […]

In the struggle to #defundthepolice, where does the money go?

There are lots of things to love about The Wizard of OZ. One of my favorite parts is when the munchkins sing and dance to the song, “Ding Dong the witch is dead.” Just listening, watching and remembering the performance fills me with hope. I got that same feeling when I hear activists, scholars, and […]