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Crime rates, reporters, and experts. A cautionary tale

When it comes to crime, journalists are typically interested in answering three logical questions: • Is the crime rate increasing or decreasing? (This is usually framed as “Is crime out of control insert jurisdiction here?”) • What can we realistically do about it? • And are the police or politicians doing enough to address this […]

How editors of academic journals can increase the willingness of scholars to review papers and get better reviews

Scholarly research is significantly improved through peer review. Although for profit organizations, like book publishers, usually pay reviewers a nominal honorarium in the form of money or books, if the research is submitted to an academic journal, peer review is typically done by external reviewers for free. Experts who are asked to perform these types […]

Who is the real criminologist? And other uncomfortable questions about expertise

Unless I’m mistaken, there are two situations in which people can legitimately claim to call themselves a criminologist. In the first instance, many criminal justice agencies and other government organizations hire individuals for the job title “Criminologist.” In order to be considered for this designation, the person must possess, the necessary specified qualifications (usually a […]

Calling out cat calling: Men need to step up

If you’re a woman, particularly if you live or work in an urban setting, you are bound to be cat called. What’s cat calling? This is typically when men (and sometimes boys), alone or in groups whistle, make sexually suggestive comments or noises when women or girls pass by, or say, at different volume levels […]