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Why writing well is important for Criminal Justice Practitioners

There are numerous ways that criminal justice practitioners can demonstrate to others that what they have to say is credible. I would argue that there are two principle mechanisms. One is mastery of content and the other is through effective communication. The first approach includes understanding the concepts in your domain or specialization, and refraining […]

Why developing a literacy of graffiti and street art is important

If you see or interpret graffiti and street art only through a legal, criminal justice, and property rights lens then it is unabashedly and unequivocally vandalism. But graffiti and street are more than this. In order to go beyond the tropes, misinformation, and common place explanations of this predominantly urban art form you need to […]

Urban Street Ethnography Interruptus

Every semester, for almost a decade, I close out the term, by giving my undergraduate students, enrolled in my Contemporary Criminal Justice System class, the option of conducting a very basic urban street ethnography. Almost all of my students have graduated from a two year program in Criminal Justice from a local community college. Some […]