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Have a good time but remember…Some friendly advice for university students who are about to take a break from their studies this summer

If you are a university student, and want to have a more enjoyable and productive experience when you return to classes this fall, I have some friendly advice. In roughly three months classes resume. Regardless if they will be in person, hybrid, or on-line, during the summer you will have numerous distractions, but you will […]

Running out of time: Documenting the life histories of Old School Graffiti Writers

Although graffiti, has existed for centuries, modern graffiti did not really start until the 1960s. Despite a nascent graffiti scene in Philadelphia, many argue that the NYC writers (1966-1985) were the originators of modern day graffiti (characterized by bubble lettering, wildstyle, bombing, and subway trains with full cars bearing graffiti lettering, images and motifs). In […]

Sound Check? Music, Noise, and Street Culture

It’s Spring again. After a long hard year with COVID-19 bearing down on us, the roll out and adoption of vaccines to address this global health crisis, and the shadow of the wreckage left behind by former President Trump, an increasing number of city dwellers are emerging from their residences and on to the streets […]