If you’re thinking about sitting this election out, it’s your last chance to reconsider

With a few days left until the election our country is facing, I thought I’d say a few things.

A couple of weeks ago my wife and I received our ballots via mail, we selected our preferred candidates, and then we walked over to the drop box, not far from where we live, and deposited the envelopes.

We are part of the lucky ones. We live in a relatively sane part of the country where ridiculous barriers that some people face in other jurisdictions just to exercise their democratic right to vote are frustrated at every turn.

Maybe you have voted already. Good. I hope that you have voted to return sanity and logic to the White House and the country.

But to the numerous people who have not voted and are considering stepping out this time here is what I have to say.

This election is different in many respects.

It’s an event that no American of voting age can afford to remain silent in exercising their right to vote.

The stakes are just too high.

The last four years have been a dumpster fire of ridiculous proportions.

Many Americans and foreigners who closely watch what happens here have been treated to a daily stream of news stories about silly stuff that Trump and company have said and done.

Some people have been mildly entertained by this behavior, while others have become numb to this information.

Others are not sleeping well and are coping via alcohol and drugs.

Clearly it does not help that in the midst of it all we have the global COVID-19 pandemic.

Some of you might argue that your individual vote doesn’t count, or had the Democratic party only chosen Bernie then you would have come out and voted.

Although this argument could have been tolerated in previous elections, this one is not the same.

Then there are the Republicans who are not happy with Trump but because of some sort of fidelity to the Republican party can’t in good conscience vote for Biden. That argument does not wash in this current situation. Your vote can actually make an impact.

Even in districts that are solidly for Biden, it’s important to still come out and vote, because the numbers who come out to vote, will demonstrate the strength of people’s dissatisfaction with Trump.

It’s finally time to put down your beer, bong, or the controller of your X-box, and get off your couch and vote. Yes, even if that means you have to wait in line for a couple of hours in the cold and the rain. Dress appropriately, bring a bottle of water, wear a mask and socially distance. What else are you going to do during the time it takes to vote? Who knows you might even meet some interesting people, who like you are waiting in line, that you would like to hang out with in the future?

Tuesday evening and the days following will be a unique period in recent American history. But you need to keep your cool and don’t do anything stupid. We can deal with voter suppression, gerrymandering, giving felons the right to vote at another point in time. But the time to vote is now.

Keep in mind that the election is not over until Trump is finally removed from office. And even when he does step down, I have no illusions that he, his children, and the most vocal of his Republican enablers whether it’s from the pulpit of Fox News, a federal prison cell, or a foreign country to where they have fled will be with us for a long time. I say good luck. Bring it on.

But right now it’s time to vote.