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Should scholars have to ask for honorariums? It depends

This past week, in a small corner of the twitterverse, a mild storm erupted. This squall centered on a reply written by a junior African American faculty member. The academic, who works at a top ten private university, expressed displeasure with being asked to give a face-to-face lecture at another university, (not in a conference […]

“Should I stay or should I go?” What happens if you can’t find or retain an appropriate graduate school mentor in your department?

In a perfect world you’ve done your due diligence, located an appropriate graduate mentor, (been accepted into a respectable program where they teach), and for the time being, your graduate school experience exceeds your expectations. On the other hand, for one reason or another, after entering a graduate program, and getting the lay of the […]

How can researchers improve street ethnographies?

Over the past century, a considerable amount of ethnographic research has been conducted and published. Ethnographies are no longer the primary research technique of anthropologists, as other types of social scientists, and students and scholars of business, law, and technology are also doing this kind of work too. Moreover, there are numerous types of ethnography […]