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Grappling with Trump supporters who think that their vote was stolen?

Biden, Harris, and the Democrats know that once they formally assume office, they’re going to have a tough job. With the COVID-19 pandemic raging, a suffering economy, 14 million unemployed, trust in police at an all time low, they have their work cut out for them. Addressing these crises will not be easy, but it […]

Dancing with the bomb throwers amongst us

Not the caricatured anarchists of a by-gone era, nor individuals who assume the role of the little boy who points out that the emperor has no clothes. Not even seasoned journalists asking tough questions, nor constituencies that demonstrate genuine backlash. Instead, I’m talking about people both you and I have seen, heard, and maybe know; […]

Ignoring American Indian Heritage Month is disrespectful

Today is Native American Heritage day. Most Americans will go about their business unfettered by this knowledge. What’s worse? Most Americans, including the news media, did not know or ignored the fact that this past month was National American Indian Heritage Month. There was little educational programing, popular media coverage, and political speeches. There are […]

CONVICT CRIMINOLOGY FOR THE FUTURE drops: Why should you care?

Earlier this month Criminologist Francesca Vianello’s (University of Padua) and my co-authored edited book, Convict Criminology for the Future, was published by Routledge. Tracing its origins to a conference that was held May 31/June 1 last year, the book, consists of sixteen chapters (and a foreword by Shadd Maruna) written by a team of international […]

Democracy blindness: On being misinformed about democracy or ignoring its principles when the outcome does not go your way

The recent election demonstrated that many Americans either don’t understand how elections work, or don’t really care. Shortly after the polls closed, many Americans either unhappy with the projected outcome of the electoral race protested, and contrary to their state’s laws suggested that the vote counting be stopped or continued. Some, despite the evidence of […]